The Commission kicked off the Human Right Week

The Commission, together with its partners, organized a Press Conference on 30th November 2021 as a kick off of the human rights week. The Commission communicated to the general public planned activities from December 1 to December 10. It was within the framework of commemorating the 73rd anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights under the universal theme EQUALITY: ‘‘Reducing inequalities, advancing human rights”. The commemoration of this Human Rights Day is focusing on how rights are the beginning of peace within societies, and a way to create a fairer society for future generations.

This year, the campaign will illustrate what an equality solution would look like and how human rights-based approaches to development are the best way to reduce inequalities and build better, fairer and greener societies for present and future generations.

The ultimate objective is to engage a broad range of global audiences on the need to urgent action to ensure equal access and equal opportunities for everyone, everywhere for the benefits of all.

Among the activities that will mark the human rights week are a one-day workshop organized by the Commission in partnership with the Ombudsman Office for members of the broad Provincial Security Committee and members of the Districts Consultative committee on the fight against corruption in all Provinces; a workshop on Human Rights Principles that will be organized for Youth Volunteers in Kigali City; joining the National Council for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD) and the Rwandan and International Community to commemorate the International Day for Persons with Disabilities; a Human Rights sensitization campaign through different media platforms; a live show on Rwanda Television and Radio Rwanda; joining the Ministry of Unity and Civil Engagement in commemorating the international day of fight against genocide; and to commemorate the 73rd anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The message to be delivered for above mentioned activities will be centred on the universal theme of the 73rd anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.