Members and staff of the Commission were trained on Monitoring and Reporting on Human Rights

From 14-16 December 2021, Members and staff of the Commission have been trained on Human Rights Monitoring and Reporting in a 3-day workshop held in Musanze. The training was organised by the United Nations in Rwanda with aim of strengthening the capacities of Commissioners and Staff on monitoring and reporting of human rights.

Opening the training workshop, the Chairperson of the Commission said that “All National Human Rights Institutions undertake monitoring functions, through research, investigation and reporting and some of them have specific statutory responsibility for monitoring places of detention, for example, as designated National Preventive Mechanisms (NPMs) under the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture and All Forms of Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment or Punishment (OPCAT)”.

“As regards their responsibilities of monitoring, National Human Rights Institutions have specific statutory obligations to prepare and submit to Government or Parliament an annual report on the human rights situation in their country. On the basis of their monitoring, National Human Rights Institutions provide information to international human rights mechanisms, including the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) and treaty monitoring bodies”, she added. The Chairperson emphasized that, as the human rights are dynamics, it is necessary to learn all the time. 

The Senior Human Rights Advisor said that “the workshop will bring an added value to the work of the National Commission for Human Rights of Rwanda and that it will help the members and staff of the Commission to improve the knowledge in monitoring techniques on Human Rights as they are experienced in that”.  He encouraged everyone that participated to the training workshop to take advantage of the session in order to improve their knowledge.

The workshop provided members and staff with practical skills on how to monitor human rights in different aspects, so as to acquire theories and practices knowledge on the principles and the methods of human rights monitoring and reporting. Moreover, the workshop enabled the participants to more deliver at an excellent extent in monitoring and reporting on human rights related issues.