Ordinary powers of the Commission

Article 7 of Law n° 19/2013 of 25/03/2013 states that in order to fulfil its mission, the Commission shall have the following powers:

1° to receive and consider testimonies on human rights violations;

2° to have access to any place where human rights violations are alleged or reported including places of detention for the purpose of investigations;

3° to contact, interrogate and seek explanations from any person likely to have testimony, information, responsibility and expertise deemed to enlighten the Commission on scrutinising and collecting human rights violation evidence;

4° to have access to documents, consult them on the spot or get their copies as well as any other document required by the Commission to be able to analyze and collect human rights violation evidence. Documents or items given to the Commission shall be returned to owners or organs of origin in a period not exceeding three (3) months;

5° to conduct mediation and conciliation between parties with human rights litigations where the mediation or conciliation does not contravene the law;

6° to request relevant organs to unconditionally restore the rights of any person where it appears that his/her rights have been violated;

7° to request relevant organs to bring to justice any person having committed offences related to the violations of human rights;

8° to carry out research on thematic issues and publish findings with the purpose of promoting human rights.