The National Commission for Human Rights has been accredited with “A Status” after the evaluation which takes place after every 5 years by the Subcommittee of Accreditation mandated by the Global Alliance for National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI). The Commission has been accredited with A status following its compliance with the Paris Principles which govern the National Human Rights Commissions. These principles consist in ensuring the creation of a National Commission, independence, composition, selection and recruitment procedure, tenure, infrastructures, staffing, accessibility, budget, working methods and its mandate of promoting and protecting human rights.

As provided for by the Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda, its Article 42 states that the promotion of human rights is a responsibility of the State which is particularly exercised by the Commission. It also states that the Commission is independent.
In addition, Article 139 of the Constitution says that the Commission is amongst national commissions entrusted with the responsibility to help in resolving important issues facing the Country and announces that specific law determine the mission, organization and functioning.

The Law N°19/2013 of 25/03/2013 as amended to date, determines the Commission’s missions, organization and functioning in order to be consistent with its mandate of promotion and protection of human rights and to be in conformity with new laws, Constitution and Paris Principles relating to the Status of the National Institutions for the promotion and the protection of human rights. The Commission also has Internal Rules and Regulations published in Official Gazette N° Special of 14/10/2010.

According to the last accreditation status document released in October 2018, the Rwanda National Commission for Human Rights has been accredited with "A status" by the GANHRI, and is thus entitled to vote or hold office in the GANHRI or its regional groups. With this status, the Commission is also entitled to host international meetings, vote and be voted, conduct meetings, participate in the meetings of the GANHRI, propose a point to put on the agenda during these meetings and take the floor, , …

The Commission shall continue to fulfil its mandate of promoting and protecting human rights, while complying with the Paris Principles governing National Human Rights Commissions.