The leaderships of both institutions pose for a group photo after the meeting (Photo: NCHR, 2018)

On Tuesday, July 31, 2018, the Commissioners, the Secretary General and some staff of the Commission hold a meeting with the Rwanda Investigation Bureau leadership at its Headquarters in Kimihurura. The Commission made a courtesy visit during which both Institutions discussed on an eventual synergy to better promote human rights especially in protecting human rights in Rwanda and way forward.

The Secretary General of Rwanda Investigation Bureau briefed the Commissioners on the establishment of the new specialized agency (RIB) and its missions among which to prevent and pre-empt criminal acts by identifying and investigating all kinds of physical or cyber-attacks, to conduct an investigation intended to identify, stop and dismantle existing or emerging criminal acts and cartels whose activities threaten or may threaten the country, people and properties, counter terrorism, cyber-crime, gender based violence, public embezzlement and corruption, human trafficking, drug trafficking,…

In addition to that, the Secretary General of Rwanda Investigation Bureau recognized a huge improvement of matters related to human rights respect since the establishment of National Commission for Human Rights of Rwanda. He promised that RIB would continue in the same line to promote the rule of law in Rwanda.

The Chairperson of the Commission explained the relationship between both institutions basing on the special mission of the Commission as regards to the protection of human rights stipulating that “regarding the protection of human rights, the special mission of the Commission shall be to receive, examine and investigate complaints relating to human rights violations, to carry out visits to custodial in the purpose of inspecting whether the rights of detainees are respected and urge relevant authorities to address identified cases of violation of the rights of detainees among others.

The Chairperson and Commissioners checked through the case files of suspects detained in Rwanda Police custody as well as protection of prisoners’ rights in order to see how their cases should be addressed while in detention places. 

After fruitful discussions, both institutions pledged close collaboration and support in protection of Human Rights during the investigation process and they committed to promote a rule of law in Rwanda.