A group photo of Commissioners, Trainers and senior staff from the Commission (Photo: NCHR, 2018)


From 21st to 23rd March, 2018 at Golden Turip Hotel, Bugesera, Commissioners and senior staff from the National Commission for Human Rights pursued a 3-day workshop on Business and Human Rights themed “Understanding the link between Business and Human Rights.

Opening the workshop organized by One UN Rwanda, the Chairperson of the National Commission for Human Rights reminded that Business activities must go hand in hand with human rights and that doing business, one has to make sure that there is a respect of human rights.


During the workshop, trainees learnt about three pillars that are milestone in doing business and human rights. The pillar one concerns the State duty to protect against human rights abuses by third parties, including business, through appropriate policies, regulation and adjudication.


The pillar two is about the corporate responsibility to respect human rights, which means that companies are expected to avoid infringing the human rights of others and to address adverse human rights impacts with which they are involved.


The third and last pillar is about access to remedy, which requires both states and businesses to ensure greater access by victims of business-related human rights abuses to effective judicial and non-judicial remedies.


The workshop enabled the Commission to know the link between business and human rights through this division of duties and responsibilities. Protect, Respect and Remedy Framework clarify the baseline obligations and expectations on both states and businesses with regard to business related human rights impacts.