On Monday 22nd June 2017, Deputy English Ambassador, Mr Stephen Hickling, visited the National Commission for Human Rights. The objective of the visit was to know how different institutions work in Rwanda in general but for the National Commission for Human Rights, it was to know the key challenges of Human Rights in Rwanda and how does the Commission tackle the challenges it faces.



The Chairperson of the NCHR together with Commissioners briefed the delegation about the mission, organization and functioning of the Commission according to the provisions of the law No 19/2013 of 25/03/2013 determining the mission, organization and functioning of the National Commission for Human Rights. They emphasized on the vision of the Commission that is to build a culture of human rights in Rwanda.

About the challenges, the Chairperson explained that Rwanda came very far from ash after 1994 genocide against Tutsi where there was nothing to build on. She said that much has been achieved especially in setting the rule of law and now people are enjoying their rights.


The Chairperson talked about the challenges that it needs to be educated on like the one of capacity building for its Commissioners and staff on different human rights issues, terrorism, business and human rights among others.

About how the Commission overcomes the challenges it faces, the Chairperson stated that in addition to the independence of the Commission, it collaborates with different institutions, regional platforms, Embassies, UN Agencies, Civil Society Organizations working in line with promotion and protection of human rights, local authorities,….

The Deputy English Ambassador appreciated the functioning of the Commission and assured the support especially in the field of Gender Based Violence.