Mukasine Marie Claire, took office as the Chairperson of the National Commission for Human Rights

After taking the oath of office as the Chairperson of the National Commission for Human Rights, in a ceremony that took place before the Supreme Court on 29/06/2020, Mrs. Mukasine Marie Claire took office on 02/07/2020.

It is after a handover ceremony between her and Mr. Sinyigaya Silas, the Vice President of the Commission, who had been acting as the Chairperson of the Commission for almost three months as the former Chairperson of the Commission, Mrs. Nirere Madeleine, completed the two mandates provided for by the law governing the Commission on 29/03/2020.

The handover was done online because the village where Mr. Sinyigaya Silas lives is in a total lock down to prevent the contamination of COVID-19 pandemic.

The welcome ceremony took place in the meeting room of the Commission and was attended by all  Commissioners and the Secretary General of the Commission.

In her remarks, Mrs. Mukasine Marie Claire, the new Chairperson of the Commission, expressed her gratitude to Commissioners and the staff of the Commission for the warm welcome and promised her contribution in the  fulfilment  of the Commission’s  missions! She also asked for their collaboration and advices in order to speed up the work and achieve more results!